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Nurpu is an end to the search for sustainable living. Our journey with nurpu satisfies our aspirations to live sustainably and ambitions to create livelihood option for the weavers of our community.

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Grace and Elegance just like you.

Hand-picked and Handwoven with love, tales and tenderness.

Fabrics produced at Nurpu is more than just an ordinary piece of cloth; it is sustainable, eco-friendly, comfortable, breathable and perfect for our climate. Indulging in the practice of wearing natural woven fabrics help multiple weaving families earn a livelihood, fulfill dreams, enhance their lifestyles and create opportunities for self-sufficiency.

#made with love

Beautiful collection for the Beautiful you.

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Collection for your Princes and Princesses.


Hi, I am Gayathri from Tirunelveli. I had bought a thottil from you an year ago. My daughter is 1 year now and my son is 6 years. They both equally enjoy sleeping in it. When the baby gets cranky, anna takes her into the thottil and soothes her like this. Thank you so much.
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