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Nurpu is an end to the search for sustainable living. Our journey with nurpu satisfies our aspirations to live sustainably and ambitions to create livelihood option for the weavers of our community.

Continuous availability of work enhances their lifestyle and creates opportunities for our villages to be self-sustained.

With fair prices for our weavers and the finest authentic handlooms and crafts for our customers, we enable sustainable livelihoods for our weavers.

Learn about us

The Journey

Sivagurunathan, the founder of Nurpu comes from a family of weavers. He was however encouraged to move to Chennai by his family to pursue a more financially secure career, having climbed the corporate ladders for 10 years, something always felt missing. That is when he was introduced to “Mann Puzhu” a life-changing book by his friend. The book published by the Cuckoo Forest Movement changed his perception of life and its purpose.

Sivagurunathan resigned from his IT job in the year 2017 and became and full-time entrepreneur. The change in careers brought about many lifestyle changes, it paved a way for him to live in harmony with nature and the community. The change also helped him transform Nurpu from an idea to reality.

Nurpu obtains organic cotton from the Handloom Weaving Society, utilizes natural dyes, and weaves it into khadi saris, dupattas, veshtis, and towels. Nurpu serves as the starting point and finish line of your quest for sustainable living.

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Hi, I am Gayathri from Tirunelveli. I had bought a thottil from you an year ago. My daughter is 1 year now and my son is 6 years. They both equally enjoy sleeping in it. When the baby gets cranky, anna takes her into the thottil and soothes her like this. Thank you so much.
Satisfactory, happiness to the core…can feel the hard work of the weavers when you go and see here and then when you touch the fabric, the feel is beyond words…Noble & commendable efforts by Mr. Sivaguru. It’s duty of everyone of us to support such teams & their members who assist and hold up the traditional ways…We may be the last generation to see and know the value of handicrafts & traditional methods before we turn a blind eye and allow corporate & machines to ruin the values…Respects & Support – Team Nurpu…👍
Solai Rajan
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