Let’s Support to our Tamilnadu’s special Thathaiyangarpet handloom vetti… 

My mind had been racing for the past few months. I was unable to concentrate on anything, such as reading. This is due to the immense responsibility that Nurpu carries. We collected around thousand four hundred vetties from the weavers and had to arrange for money to pay them all. Thinking about this and the incredible element from within that has been the driving force behind everything we had accomplished. 

Philosophical ambiguities and egoisms are being eliminated one by one in order to be in line with actions. A philosophy’s inner form extends beyond its form in action. As it merges with reality, it evolves into a more powerful part of life. Such an evolution is what keeps us believing in handloom weaving to do such a thing. 

Regardless of the business’s profit or loss ,believe that a child has a duty towards their parents. As the author Mr.Jayamohan says it, “A dream and that dream’s dampness along with a childishness is very important, this is how we can connect ourselves with a work from standing aside.” I consider and weigh the positive and negative outcomes of an action. I sincerely believe that these strategies are guiding me in the right direction, providing me with fresh new perspectives along the way.

Thathaiyangarpet Vettis are highly unique as Kerala’s Balaramapuram Vettis. The former chief ministers of Tamil Nadu wore these vetties. Thathaiyangarpet vetties are also delivered to the Guruvayur temple. Only a few shops in Senthamangalam and Balarampuram sent these vettis for sale up till a few years ago. The fakes have landed even at those shops now. 

It is characterized by its light weight and feather-soft wash. Handloom weavers are the only ones who can weave these fine threads. However, it has now become one of the titles that has been obliterated by our widespread lack of appreciation for handicrafts and artisans.

These hand woven vetties have about a hundred variations and are woven with a border in different colours. To put it another way, these Thathaiyangarpet vettis at Nurpu are the one of those lasts in this world.  Again, in Nurpu, we are recreating these types of vettis while also incorporating some modern additions. I am sharing this in front of Nurpu family members in the same way Puviyazh shares important news with us with joy and inner happiness.

As the existing eight yard vettis reach a small group of people, they will be of enormous help in the next phase of Nurpu, and the news of the Thathaiyangarpet eight yard vetti will reach thousands of people,which will inspire and give a huge hope for the handloom weavers to continue weaving. 

Perfect for giving as a gift to special guests at festivals, to people attending weddings and religious events, and to staff members who are working over the festive season in their workplaces. We will in return receive more value from it. 

We now have only about 810 vettis available at Nurpu; for bulk orders, please contact us at 9578620207; for orders personalized to your requirements, please visit our website at https://nurpu.in/product-category/support-handloom-weavers/.

With Love & Prayer,

Sivagurunathan.C | 9578620207 | www.nurpu.in

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